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Add-in FxCop Rules

One of the common requests we get is for a way to verify that Contract and View assemblies are built using the right practices with regard to isolation and version resilience. We have developed two sets of FxCop rules for this purpose:

The Add-in View FxCop rules run against view assemblies and ensure that a host's object model (view) can be easily adapted into a complete pipeline that uses the Add-in Framework.

The Add-in Contract FxCop rules ensure that contracts follow the contract isolation and version-resilience guidelines. This ensures that contracts built today will meet versioning needs when moving to a new version of the host.

You can download the latest release here: Add-in FxCop Rules - v1.0 beta

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dblack Dec 16, 2008 at 5:12 AM 
When will this be updated to work with FxCop 1.36?