Patch fixing problems that haven't been fixed.

Jun 4, 2009 at 3:32 AM

Here's what I have been coding a bit on. It's really a shame it's OSS and I can't really fix this in svn nor publish files in this message and patches aren't applied by the project manager. While I can understand what MS is doing with VS2010, it doesn't make sense to release stuff half-finished and then not apply patches...

Patch: (.rar)

Binaries: (.rar)

Installation instructions:

1. Close any VS instances with the add-in loaded. Paste binaries in %PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft\Visual Studio Pipeline Builder

2. Start Visual Studio

- Added dialogue for possible overwrite if the file has changed: possibility of ignoring changes (per file) (instead of throwing).
- Added dialogue for possible overwrite if the file has been added to the generated files folder (instead of throwing)
- Improved project selection dialogue.
- Improved path output for each assembly.
- Vastly improved code quality in Connect.cs (it wasn't that good)
- Added patch for XML comment generation from Issue Tracker
- Added a bit of functional programming concepts as extension methods
- Fixed problem with status bar not completing if exception is thrown
- Fixed numerous index out of bound exceptions
- Fixed problems pipeline builder had with solution folders.
- Added numerous null checks and safe programming practices.
- Pipeline takes into account solution folders with projects relevant to the pipeline.
- Renamed and added comments to strange "my code" constructs
- Inverted a lot of ifs to reduce nesting
- Fixed subversion problem where .svn folders would be deleted.

- Assuming MS' Add-In team still doesn't do anything, I can start a new code-plex project with the delta and let people participate for real.
- Provide setting for generating view together for adapters or separately in options dialog.
- Integrate my code in Castle's Transaction Integration so that the file generation uses file transactions and thereby don't corrupt state unless it all works.
- Possibly integrate with ReSharper which has a very good code model as far as I understand, alternatively try out F#'s quotations for the code generation instead of the mass of C# that's required.
- Fix it so that the code generation generates according to avoiding the anti-patterns presented here: (and in the issue tracker)

Use the url you downloaded from to contact me or post here.

Jun 4, 2009 at 11:30 AM

Hey, thanks for making fixes where some of us fear to tread!

Can you point me to the info you eluded to about what MS is doing with VS2010?



Jun 4, 2009 at 11:58 AM

You're welcome ;). About VS2010, they are gearing up for concurrency, dynamic languages, entity framework and add-ins (MAF) + managed extensibility framework (MEF).

I think they will do something where the MEF can also tie together pieces of add-ins.

So what I'm saying is mostly from reading about it and the videos they've published. I haven't actually got any insider information, but at least the beta is out, so you
could have a look at it and see where they have come so far:

With Windows 7, it's turning out to be a very nice dev environment, but right now, unfortunately the bits are rather rough and will hurt you a bit sometimes when using them.