ClrAddIn as a WorkflowActivity

Mar 10, 2008 at 6:22 PM
I would like to suggest that you work with the Workflow team to create a really cool robust addin workflow activity.

The problem this would solve is that workflow services are determined for the host. There are times selecting different services would be desirable. Becuase both addins and workflows are based on simple interfaces, this seems a relatively straightforward task. However, rather than us hacking it out here, I think it would be much preferable if a person or two from the Clr Add In team and a person or two on the Workflow core team could get together and make sure that the activity reflects best practices for both environments.

What I'm thinking of is an activity that wraps CallExternalMethod and provides a property, set through any of the workflow parameter setting approaches (code, property windows, etc) that would specify the add-in name.